Live video on the way!

We’ve been spending what little time is left this year filming a new live demo video.

We’re in the final stages of mixing the audio, so we’ll be all ready to launch early in 2018.

Setting up for video shoot at Quad Studios
Setting up for video shoot at Quad Studios
Gorby the Studio dog
Gorby overseeing the mixing process
Getting the shots right

I think it’s safe to say that we all found the process hard work, playing live and being filmed is not as easy as it looks!

We’re excited that this will give everyone who hasn’t seen us perform live (whether it be at a wedding or a bar gig) the opportunity to do so and book us with confidence.

Wedding in Derbyshire

In June we had the band had the good fortune to play outdoors at a fab wedding in Derbyshire.

Wedding Band Derbyshire
A Bride and Groom who know how to Rock

The Glade at Rosliston Forestry Centre was a great venue for a party, nicely situated in the heart of the Derbyshire Countryside. The sun shone and a good time was had by all, dancing away the early evening (even if those high heels don’t work too well on grass!) until the late night party (Tom’s Disco!) moved into the marquee.

Wedding Band Derbyshire
The outdoor stage at The Glade

Lovely venue and lovely people, thanks for having us!



Live demo songs

We recorded a live performance at one of our wedding bookings this year. This is just a taster, and it will give you a great idea of what we sound like live.

Studio trickery is high on the agenda for many bands these days. Who wouldn’t want to stand out from the crowd and sound perfect in a studio session? But we feel the only true way to tell if you’re getting the live band you’re after is through a live recording.

So, here is one of our favourite’s to play, expect more to come soon!

A Wedding In Rutland (Manton)

  1. The Band travelled into the smallest County of Rutland for a Wedding this weekend.  We arrived for an early setup in the garden of a Beautiful 17th Century listed House in Manton, what a treat!

As soon as we saw the marquee and stage we knew this would be a great gig, it was clear that so much thought & planning had gone into the whole day.

We kicked off with a couple of Rock n’ Roll numbers and what a joy to see so many hit the dancefloor right from the first notes.

Guests at a Wedding In Rutland

In the break we enjoyed what appeared to be a secret bar hidden under a tree in the garden, nice idea! Great beer, great service 😉 !!

The second set started where the first one finished, another packed dancefloor, (this job is easy with a great crowd!).

Our night ended with the Bride & Groom surrounded by friends and family, as we performed our best rendition of ‘Wonderwall’. Well it was nearly the end, but we couldn’t leave without doing the favourite ‘Jailhouse Rock’ as the encore.


Two Weddings in Leicestershire

August has been a busy month! It was brilliant to be back at Bosworth Hall in Leicestershire and an added bonus to be in the Garden Marquee. We had lovely warm weather all day for our Bride and Groom and yet another great wedding crowd.

This was our first performance of the Mumford & Sons now classic ‘I Will Wait’. Their tunes are always full of harmonies and little bits to trip up the musician who may not be concentrating fully. 😉 Judging by the audience reaction we nailed it!

Dave took his spare 30 seconds during ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ to record this little video.

Act natural boys!!

On the 27th we were back with our old friends at Shearsby Bath in Leicestershire.

Wedding events are always a winner at this venue. As you can see from the photo we had a packed dance floor all night. This is a view of our bass player from behind the microphone.

We had some great retro song choices from our Bride and Groom for the DJ set too, they went down rather well!!

Find out more about the Band’s Weddings in Leicestershire.

Shearsby Bath wedding band Leicestershire