How long do you play for?

  • We can provide up 120 minutes of live music.
  • We generally find 2 x 45 minute sets works very well for weddings and parties.
  • 2 x 60 minutes sets can also work well for longer events.
  • We can always tailor our set lengths to suit whatever you have planned and can easily adjust timings on the night if required, dependant on how the evening is running.

Do I need to hire a separate DJ?

  • We can provide a full DJ service to cover the music for you entire evening and only charge a nominal fee to include this. We have a vast library of tunes and can always get hold of any special requests you may have in advance. We also provide full disco lighting.
  • The advantages are that it saves space in the venue, it’s one less person to liaise with during the planning of your event….. and also it reduces costs!
  • We’re now asked to include this service at 95% of the functions we play.
  • You may of course still want a separate DJ and that’s still fine by us, we will always work alongside them to ensure the evening runs smoothly.

Can I just plug in my Ipod into your PA system?

  • We can certainly accommodate this, although we would advise that it is not always the most elegant way to provide the music for your event, particularly for larger functions or weddings. More often than not it can result in guests crowding around at the end of the evening, swapping tunes mid song etc… Also there can be noticeable volume differences between songs unless you’ve set it up correctly.
  • We only charge a small additional fee to cater for all the music at your event (as per above). However, if you are confident that you want to ‘do it yourself’ then we can certainly facilitate this.

Where can we see you play?

  • Many of our performances are private events but we aim to play a handful of public performances each year.  Please check our Facebook page for public events and please introduce yourself if you come along!

Can we have input in the playlist?

  • We recommend that you leave it to us to put the final playlist together. From experience we know what works well to get people dancing and make it a great party.
  • However, feel free to go through the song list on our website and let us know any specific tracks you definitely want to hear and we’ll make sure we play them.

How much floor space and power do you need?

  • Ideally 4 x 5 metres of floor space  – but we can and have squeezed into smaller spaces, so we’re happy to discuss this.We require at least 2 x 13 amp, 230 Volt sockets situated within a reasonable distance of the playing area. This is generally standard in most venues – though always worth checking in advance.
  • If you are planning on using a Generator, this will need to be substantial enough to provide the equivalent required power. Bear in mind that this supply may also be used by your caterers and lighting, your Marquee/Generator supplier will be able to advise you here.
  • When playing in Marquees or outdoors the band will require all equipment to be fully covered from the elements and a hard floor or stage to be in place.

How much time do you take to set up?

  • We generally require a minimum of 1 hour to set up. A sound check is not always necessary and we understand that this is sometimes impractical.
  • We always aim to keep any disruptions to an absolute minimum.

Do you have public liability insurance, and are you PAT tested?

  • Yes, and we can provide certificates if required.

The venue has a sound limiter, can you still perform here?

  • You should always check in advance if your venue has a sound limiter installed. If they have taken your booking and know you are looking to have a band perform then they should certainly have warned you in advance…..though this is not always the case!
  • Some sound limiters act solely as a warning device, but others shut off the power supply altogether resulting in the band having to continually stop & start which as you can imagine completely ruins the flow of performance and does not create a good party atmosphere.
  • So long as this is addressed in advance then most venues are willing to work with the us,  after realising we are a professional band doing everything possible to remain at a reasonable volume.

So you must be really loud then…..can’t you just turn down??

  • We’re certainly not on overly loud band and are frequently complemented by venues on how reasonable our levels are compared to other bands they see. However, like most bands we do use a real live drum kit which doesn’t have a volume control!

How do we book you?

  • Once you’ve decided you would like to book the band for your event we ask for a % deposit (payable by cheque or bank transfer).
  • We also ask for you to sign a small performance contract to confirm the agreed terms and give security to all parties.
  • We then ask for the remainder of the fee to be paid not later than 7 days prior to the date of the performance.  It’s a very straightforward process and we are always happy to answer any questions or queries at any point.

….and finally, where did the name ‘Squeeze Box’ come from?

  • It’s the title of one of the first songs we played together, and it’s by ‘The Who’. Contrary to popular belief none of us are proficient on the accordion!